PTO Meeting Minutes – Sept. 11, 2018

Principal : Karen Donato


PTO Board:    

Co-presidents: Nandana Mewada

Vice-President: Christy Murphy-Macinta

Co-treasurers: Stacey Ihnat & Carolyn Schneyer

Co-secretaries: Emily Gauthier & Fiona Ehring

Fundraising: Juliet Moir

Arlington Community Card: Ashley Lorenz & Gaggi DeStefanis

Enrichment:  Tonja Bishop

Communications:  Danielle Gottesman & Lani Obermeyer

Spirit & Appreciation: Judy Hu

Room Parents:



Thompson Community: Nandana Mewada, Sara Wilkinson, Fiona Ehring, Christy Murphy-Macinta, Ashley Lorenz, Kate Murphy, Judy Hu, Maf Terry, Juliet Moir, Gaggi DeStefanis, Lani Obermayer,  Danielle Gottesman


  1. Introductions – All
  2. Board Election- Approved All
  3. School Updates: Mrs. Donato
  • 25 New students, 510 total
  • Social and emotional work by staff over the Summer. Expectation setting. Monthly focus with learning materials, books. September focus is manners.
  • Reached out to families in need for financial aid (science camp)
  • Lions Club and other Community Partners donated school supplies; headphones, backpacks etc..
  • Calming Corners in each classroom,
  • Pineapple theme for the year.
  1. PTO Presentation: Nandana Mewada, Tonja Bowen Bishop, Carolyn Schneyer, Ashley Lorenz, Juliet Moir
  • Tonja Bowen Bishop Enrichment Chair
  1. Enrichment- over 30 events each year
  2. Fundraising
  3. Community & Other Events
  • Carolyn Schneyer & Stacey Ihnat co-treasurer
  1. Use tax id #46-5690446 to take advantage of tax exempt status.
  2. Contact for reimbursement, forms are avaiilable online
  3. Budget will be presented next month 10/10
  4. Money for the current school year comes from fundraising the year before
  • Ashley Lorenz
  1. Looking for new ideas for sales opportunities, e.g. approaching realtors to sell within their office or have them buy a bunch to give to new clients
  2. Family Sales starts on Curriculum Night, 9/17, e.g. sports events. Sign out card packs that night
  • Juliet Moir
  1. Direct donation accounts for a large percentage of funding.
  2. Companies may match employee donations
  3. Runs in October
  4. 275 Families goal
  • Christy Murphy
  1. Room parents needed for each clcassroom
  2. New this year, “room” parents for specialists.
  • Yael Beals – volunteer chair
  • Danielle Gottesman & Lani Obermeyer co- chairs Communication
  1. Website and Newsletter
  2. Photos from events can be sent to the newsletter email
  3. Thompson website and PTO website still under development but functional.
  4. Feedback is welcome regarding social media and websites
  5. Facebook is main social media hub
  6. Parents can sign up to get the PTO newsletter on the PTO website.


  1. Fall Events
    1. Town Day (Sept 15th): Ashley Lorenz (see fundraising above)
    2. Curriculum Night (Sept 17th): Mrs. Donato
  • Gr. 3-5 early this year
  • Specialist presentation/ meet and greet in-between grade level presentations
    1. Walk-Bike to School (Oct 10th): Need co-chair with Tonja Bishop
    2. Movie Night (Oct 12th):  Need a co-chair
  • Movie will be outdoors
  • Rent a screen
  • Detail?


  1. Winter Events
    1. Literacy Night & Book Fair (December) Need a co-chair
    2. Holiday Drive (December)
    3. Parent Winter Party (Jan/Feb) Need co-chairs
    4. Game Night (Feb)
    5. International Festival (March)
  2. Financial Assistance Communication:  Nandana Mewada
  1. Forms for financial assistance will go out in backpacks next week.
  2. Financial Assistance is available for spirit wear, book fair, science camp, etc.


  1. Morning Meetings:  Nandana Mewada
  1. Great for parents who may not be able to make an evening meeting.
  2. This may be a good opportunity for specialists to speak.


  1. Arlington Education Foundation (AEF):  Danielle Gottesman
  1. Raise money throughout the school year for grants to be given to schools.
  2. Ex. snowshoes & Arlington Eats pottery program (Thompson), Climbing wall (Bracket), Drone coding (Ottoson)
  3. Parents can partner with an educator and apply for a grant.


  1. Other Updates & Announcements
  1. Request for ideas before the budget is finalized so that it can be approved and become a line item.
  2. Jean Faucher reported that the Friends of North Union Park group needs volunteers throughout the year to water and care for trees around the park and school


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