Thompson School News : February 26, 2018

Save The Date

* New *

  • March 2, Friday Visit by author Jessica Garrett; All Grade Levels.
  • March 2, Friday 6 PM to 8 PM – Game Night
  • March 8, Thursday 6 PM to 7 PM, Arlington EATS Community Dinner
  • March 14, Wednesday 7 PM to 9 PM PTO Meeting (Parents Only)
  • March 16, Friday, 8.30 AM All School Spring Concert
  • March 17, Saturday 11 AM to 3 PM – Science EXPLO
  • March 26, Monday – Grade 3 -5 Enrichment, ImprovBoston Anti-Bullying Workshop

School Calendar

Click for Thompson’s Google Calendar to get school holidays, early release days, and PTO events on your own calendar. Click for a printable version of this month’s calendar.

Principal’s Update

Dear Thompson Families,

I hope you had a wonderful week and were able to enjoy some of the gorgeous weather we had! My boys and I went to the Cape Codder in Hyannis for a couple of days where it was rainy and cool outside, but the water park and arcade inside were warm and toasty. Of course, those were the days where it was 70 and sunny back in Arlington! C’est la vie! All in all, it was a nice change of pace for our family, and I hope it was for yours as well.

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the horrific event that occurred in Parkland, Florida just before vacation. Like many of you, this shakes me to the core as both a parent and a school principal. Every day, the safety of our children is of the utmost of importance to Thompson Faculty and Staff. While we are always conscientious of not propping doors open, being aware of our surroundings, and student/staff/parent well being, I am asking for your assistance in these areas as well. Please encourage one another to be mindful of signing in at the main office, putting on a Visitor Badge, waiting for the door to close behind you as you enter, etc. We are always practicing, discussing, and re-evaluating our protocols, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

I’ve seen quite a barrage of political discussions, cartoons, etc. on social media this week, and while I don’t typically engage in such discussions or postings, I feel very strongly about my responsibility to keep our Staff and Students safe. I firmly believe that having personal connections with each other, building a positive culture, and supporting each student emotionally, socially, and academically is paramount in keeping each other safe.

Please keep the families, staff, and students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in your thoughts and prayers.


Thompson News & Events

Winter Party Feedback Request

Party 01The Winter Party in January was a huge success! Thanks to YOU, our amazing Thompson community, for coming out and making it a super fun night. Gorgeous space, great conversations, lots of dancing, and even a $1,300 profit for the PTO Enrichment Fund! We are one of the few schools that puts on an parents-only social event like this, and we hope to continue this tradition for years to come. So that we can do that, kindly give us your feedback on the event at

Congrats again to our Raffle Winners!

  • Jaime Viteri: Original Cyanotype Artwork #1 by Sri Thumati
  • Yael Beals: Original Cyanotype Artwork #2 by Sri Thumati
  • Susan Zwick: Scutra dining certificate
  • Kristen Fritsch: 3 moths of Wine of the Month Club at Menotomy Beer and Wine
  • Sarah Mowbray: In-Home Dinner Party for 6 with JuliaCooks!
  • Kobie Cook: Kids cooking class with “Chopped Jr” Champion Charlotte Kilroy
  • Christy Murphy: Tennis Lesson with Jagat Adihya

Financial Assistance Available

The PTO would like to continue to support families who need assistance for the remainder of the 2017- 2018 school year. To help with this process, if your child/children would like financial assistance for any PTO related programs, please print and fill out the form found here and return it to Ms. Vicki or Karen Donato. All information provided will be kept confidential. It is the mission of the Thomson PTO to ensure that all students have the opportunity to participate alongside their peers in all Thompson events and initiatives. By filling out this form, you are helping the PTO make this possible.

Game Night is back!

Game NightFriday, March 2, 6 – 8 pm

Come with the kids and join the fun!

Local game company GAMEWRIGHT lends us demo games to try out and families are welcome to bring a favorite board game from home, set up a table, and teach a group of friends how to play it.

Plan to feed the kids before coming or bring a picnic style dinner to eat in the cafeteria. Additionally, we will have healthy snacks, baked treats, apple cider and hot cocoa.

We will have new GAMEWRIGHT games and used games donated by Thompson families for sale. All profits go to the PTO. Consider buying a game from your teachers’ wish lists.

Come prepared to sit and play board games with the children, this is not a drop off event. If you are planning on attending, please consider helping us to make it a successful one, by collaborating in one of many ways.

Sign-up to Volunteer and/or donate snack items here:

Textile Recycling Bin

Support Thompson while donating your unwanted clothing, shoes, linens, stuffed animals, and more (in any condition as long as they are clean and dry). Bay State Textiles gives the schools a share of their profit from the sale of these materials. The more you donate, the more the school will receive! The bin is located on the Everett Street side of the school, near the loading driveway.

You can learn more about the Bay State Textiles program at

See the acceptable items and other participating schools in the AHS Textile Recycling 2018 Flyer.

Enrichment – 5th grade

Grade 5 Enrichment 2018 02 bThe Museum of Science visited the 5th graders on Monday to discuss “States of Matter.” The presenter used liquid nitrogen and various other materials to demonstrate how physical matter transforms from solid to liquid to gas and back. The kids saw metal melt in water, and glycerin, water, and air become solid. They even saw super-heated water cause paper to burn.Grade 5 Enrichment 2018 02 a


AHS Building Project News

Planning for the future rebuilt/renovated Arlington High School is underway and the AHS Building Committee invites the community to participate in the conversation.

Community Forums

Each forum will provide an opportunity for community feedback.

  • March 5, 7pm, AHS: tours of the building, discussion of design patterns for the future school
  • April 4, 7pm, Town Hall: update from HMFH Architects on potential building concepts

Web Site: updates, detailed information, events, blog
Facebook: updates, events
e-Bulletin: sign up to receive occasional email updates
Email the building committee with questions or feedback

The Town of Arlington has been invited into the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) process for the renovation/construction of Arlington High School. Acceptance to the MSBA program does not guarantee state funding. The MSBA approval process must be completed successfully for the state, via the MSBA, to provide significant financial assistance to the project. Local funding must also be assured through passage of a debt exclusion.

The AHS Building Committee

Upcoming School Committee Chats

When: 11 am to 12 noon on Saturday, on the first Saturday of each month

Why: Stop by and say hi to two School Committee members (look for the sign) to answer questions, collect concerns, listen to your ideas, and generally talk about the Arlington Public Schools.


  • March 3 at Whole Foods
  • April 7 at Caffe Nero
  • May 5 at Whole Foods
  • June 2 at Caffe NeroNo appointment necessary, simply stop by!

Volunteer Opportunities

The Thompson PTO has many volunteer needs both small and big. If you’re looking for a way to give back to Thompson, here’s a list of ways you can help.

Annual Picnic Organizers

Though it seems a long way off the planning for the annual June picnic is starting now. The PTO is seeking parent volunteers interested in taking an active role in planning to join the picnic organizing team.

Contact:  Kate Murphy,

Game Night – Friday March 2nd

Game Night is this Friday March 2nd! In addition to needing volunteers for Game Night itself – we need donated baked items and healthy snacks to sell as concessions. Take a look at the sign-up genius and let us know if you can help!

Science EXPLO – March 17th

One of the biggest PTO events of the year, the Science EXPLO requires many helping hands! The Explo runs from 11am-3pm, so it’s easy to both sign-up for an hour long volunteer shift and have time to enjoy the Explo too! Sign-up at the following link:

Thompson Parent Handbook Volunteer

The PTO is looking for a parent volunteer to put together an updated electronic Parent Handbook. There is a paper version from a few years back that needs updating with current information. This will be the place where parents can find useful information such as drop-off and pick-up procedures, contact information for teachers, field trip information and all the things you wish you knew as a new parent to Thompson. If you’d like to volunteer from the comfort of your own home doing some typing and copying and pasting – this is the project for you.

Contact:  Kate Murphy,

Join the Community Card Team!

Believe it or not, it’s time to start planning for the 2018-19 Community Card! The new card doesn’t come out until September, but here is our Early Spring plan:

  • get contracts signed
  • confirm our advertising plans
  • start planning for Town Day and beginning of new school year sales

We are looking for:

  • task-rabbits
  • brainstormers
  • AND a 3rd Co-Chair (shadow for a year and poise themselves to take over for Gaggi in 2020)

Whether you’re totally ready to take something on, or are just curious about what’s involved before committing to anything – please join us at the:

Spring Community Card Info Meeting

Thursday March 8th


Thompson School Cafeteria

FREE Coffee!

Can’t make it?

Need more info?

Get involved!

Send an email to Co-Chairs Ashley Lorenz (K,3,5) at or Gaggi DeStefanis (3)

Help Throughout the Year

To check all current volunteer opportunities:

Connect with Us


Nandana Mewada, Co-President
Diana Trudell, Co-President
Yael Beals, Vice-President
Danielle Gottesman, Communications Chair

If you have news to share with the community, please email by Thursday at 12 noon to be included in the next newsletter.

Please note that we will only include news from the Thompson School and Town of Arlington. Announcements of interest to the Thompson community from other non-profit organizations may be included at our discretion.

PTO Meeting Minutes – Feb. 14, 2018

Introductions – All

Minutes were approved

Family Folk Chorale: Elizabeth Rocco proposal

Family Folk Chorale has 75 members, their mission is to learn songs and sing with children/community. They have community sings at Kickstand Café and invite the public. Elizabeth wrote a grant in the fall for funds for teaching, singing together, and building community. She had MLK day in mind, was too late. She is interested in ideas from the Thompson community on how the FFC can do a community sing here. The Folk Chorale is trying to develop relationships. Some ideas – director teach everyone same song, have a picnic, everyone sings together. We could do this at end of year picnic. It would be fun idea like Ms. Brayfield used to teach everyone dance – build comradery. Parents could learn songs as well. Another idea was to do it at beginning of field day? Music class doesn’t allow time teach outside the curriculum. Could this be an idea for the international festival for next year? Songs from around the world etc. It was asked if the chorale could come sing at school during the day – yes, but school and work restraints. Another idea is to a dress rehearsal at Thompson or with Arlington Eats? 3rd option, director come in and do a sing-a-long at a community event. 5th grade worked with Ms. Havelin last year and did surprise sing at graduation, “Hey Jude,” parents joined in. Maybe start with 5th grade, more manageable? Please share any ideas you have with Elizabeth.

Financial Updates: Sara Wilkinson

  • We are under budget; revenue this year was exceptional with direct drive, around $30,000. Lots of families work for companies that match donations.
  • Kids wrote really nice thank you notes that got sent to people who paid on paypal and didn’t get a receipt. This would be nice to do for everyone. It would be nice to put one of the notes on social media.
  • Book fair earned $2,100. School pictures $1,500.
  • Helena’s earned $95, there was a conflict with Ottoson concert, women’s shelter fundraiser there a week before. Would it be a good idea to move to near Mother’s Day?
  • Amazon so far is $400, but does not include December yet.
  • We are still looking for someone to take over managing the Amazon marketing.
  • There was an idea to post a kid on social medial explaining Amazon, how to use etc.
  • On Facebook you can pay to boost a post. Shows up on friend’s feeds, gets the word out for events, community cards etc. Community outreach, Danielle and others using the boost, please let the treasurers know, they are trying to figuring out how to budget for this.

Enrichment Updates: Tonya

  • Need to pay for buses for some field trips, town buses were already book. PTO has room in the budget.
  • 3/2 Author visit – Jessica Garret “Oh, Ick” – science theme
    Karen asked for programs on Kindness, empathy, anti-bullying, and also community service
  • Nora Buly – author, appreciating differences, storytelling K-2
  • Improve Boston 3-5 anti-bullying
  • Think, give program – teacher driven, pushed to do something nice, up to you what you do.
  • PTO do a community service day – something to think about for next year. 5th grade did this last year, Gaggi, organized. Kids came up with ideas and they voted on. 5th graders made birthday cards for kids in a shelter. Were encouraged to do more.
  • Encourage Thompson to make a relationship with an organization for community service. Ideas discussed included Birthday Wishes – throws birthday parties for children in shelters. Kids understand/relate. Singing at the nursing homes. Food link has 4th and 5th graders do sorting. Animal shelters look for old blankets, no sew blankets etc.
  • Green team sometimes does Thompson trash pick up – grabbers are in the PTO room.
  • 3rd grade Colonial day – 3 days, each day a different topic, colonialist, slavery, Native American. Royal House will come and do a program. Tiffany to coordinate with teachers and room parents.


Winter Party – Ashley & Gaggi

  • Bigger team next year 4-5 people.
  • What is realistic to budget? Do every other year? It is a lot of work. Little money, no rules at ACC to more money and rules at Town Hall. Planning began in October, driven by Gaggi and Ashely.
  • Turnout was around 130. Crowd felt bigger than last year. We lowered the ticket price to try to get more people to come, charged for drinks.
  • We will have a budgeting conversation at the next board meeting on the party
  • Online survey will be sent to parents with targeted questions.
  • There were 11 sponsored tickets purchased, 2 claimed.
  • Spent $3,200, profit of $1,386
  • Should we consider having an off year or having smaller event in the “underground” at the Regent – only 100 tickets/capacity?
  • Kuddos to Jodie for her help, donated time.
  • It was a success!

Community Card Fall Sales – Ashley & Gaggi

  • Starting to think of contracts for next year. Who will resign? If there is room on the card, closed business, look for new businesses.
  • Looking for someone to shadow Gaggi and Ashely and take over eventually. Put a note in the newsletter calling for someone interested. Someone interested in talking to businesses, building relationships.
    March 8 informational meeting in the morning.
  • Put up a poster before the science explo.
  • Sold around 1,600 cards and ordered 2,000. It has been our best year.

Spirit Wear – Judy

  • 414 items sold – $1,324 profit
  • there are extra t shirts ordered by the pto for those who couldn’t afford it, 12 extra – wait and see if people respond to hand out
  • Should we put in newsletter that are available for sale?
  • Or give t shirt to new families who move to Thompson in the middle of the year? Goes with community card? Or give car magnet?
  • Idea of doing every other year

Sponsored funds

  • We need to think about keeping track of sponsorship funds, have a sponsorship pool
  • Spirit wear, 9 extra tickets from parents’ party etc.
  • Extra money from spirit wear went to sponsoring books at book fair.
  • Message to parents on how PTO spends funds. A blurb in weekly email about March events sponsored by PTO. Do every couple of months? Not being asked to pay for fieldtrips, enrichment. Teachers blog, tweet about events.
  • Idea that we should keep movie night free, don’t charge admission, just popcorn pizza. Idea of having an outdoor movie night.

Sarah Burd Guest Speaker – Nandana

  • Gave a talk on social and emotional learning at the last meeting. She would love to hear from parents.

PTO Sponsoring an Arlington EATS Community Meal – Nandana

  • We raised $150 from the community, PTO matched contributions for a total of $300.
  • 82 meals served
  • Other schools want to do something similar
  • For next year the idea is for a PTO sponsored meal around October and another later in the year. Keep a line item for this going forward.
  • Idea of kids doing a change drive, having older kids help at EATS meal.

Teacher Survey & Teacher Help Program – Nandana

  • Survey was sent to teachers asking how they spend stipend, enrichment feedback, identify 3-5 items needed in the classroom
  • PTO will do a drive for teachers for new supplies, teachers help program, similar to holiday help.
  • Will this be part of spirit and appreciation?

Volunteer Needs – Kate

  • PTO parent handbook coordinator (digital copy), community card, teacher wish list coordinator, game night, science explo. Put out on Facebook and twitter after the break.


Ice Skating Party April (yes or no?)

  • Do we want to do it this year? Budget about $600, Rink charges $400. We sell pizza. Not a big turn out last year, it was Good Friday. Year before, better turn out. They give us one date.

Not Your Average Joe’s (yes or no?)

  • Who wants to lead?
  • We need to advertise to public to mention “Thompson PTO” at night. We raised $300-$400 last year. Tuesdays of a month (June) people mention Thompson, PTO gets 10%, can also use community card 10% discount.
  • Advertise to do a graduation night dinner- meet friends there?
  • Maybe Christy would be interested in running? Ashely will call about availability.

End of the Year Picnic

  • Who wants to lead? Sarah Gupta stepping down, Danielle doesn’t want to have the lead.
  • Proposal to add a program (Knucklebones)
  • Advertise after explo. Try to get one person from each grade. Hard to schedule that many people to meet?

Upcoming Events (BREAKOUT GROUPS)

Game Night: March 2nd, Diana Trudell & Shauna Pellauer

  • We are currently collecting used games – donation bin in lobby.
  • Rooms? We need the cafeteria and gym, do we want to use the multipurpose room?
  • There will be baked goods and hot coco for sale.

Spring concert morning of Friday, March 16

Science EXPLO!: March 17th, Yael Beals & Chris Pacheco

  • There are still a lot of volunteer spots that need to be filled.
  • We have been getting donations from MIT museum, Science museum for baskets.
  • Catered food, but no dessert. Thinking of having a bake sale.
  • Science week, science facts on morning announcements, “Oh Ick” author coming in, talk to teachers about parents coming in to do science experiments?
  • Add “Saturday” to Science explo announcements
  • Huge push for volunteers after break

Upcoming PTO meetings- Wednesday, March 14th from 7 to 9 pm, Thompson Library.

  • Guest: Kirsi Allison Ampe , School Committee Budget Presentation

PTO Meeting Minutes – Jan. 10, 2018


Karen Donato

Teacher’s Rep


PTO Board

Co-presidents: Diana Trudell & Nandana Mewada
Vice-President: Yael Beals
Co-treasurers: Sara Wilkinson & Carolyn Schneyer
Co-secretaries: Emily Gauthier & Fiona Ehring
Fundraising: Juliet Moir
Arlington Community Card: Ashley Lorenz & Gaggi DeStefanis
Enrichment: Maf Terry & Tonja Bishop
Communications: Danielle Gottesman
Spirit & Appreciation: Judy Hu & Melissa Crowley
Room Parents: Sarah Gupta
Volunteers: Kate Murphy

Thompson Community

Diana Trudell, Carolyn Schneyer

Introductions – All

Minutes approval – All

School updates: Principal – Ms. Donato

  • Moved into new space, some things remain to be done
  • Kids and teachers feeling good in their new classrooms
  • Working on pest (mice) issues on main floor
  • Dealing with snow/ice, parking issues
    • A concern was raised that no path was cleared from the Everett St. park entrance to the pineapple entrance.
    • Another concern, should we have indoor arrival in cases of excess snow? Also, how to communicate indoor arrival to parents. What are the criteria for indoor arrival?
  • School budget discussions, presentation to School Committee tomorrow (1/11)
    • Special request for an additional social worker to be in place before need becomes critical. This request will be prioritized over a request for another fourth grade teacher.
    • Adding full-time Kindergarten assistants.
  • Sarah Burd Guest Speaker- NANDANA
    • Sara Burd will speak in the multi-purpose room on 12/31/18 at 7:00pm- topics will include social and emotional direction for the school district.
  • PTO Sponsoring an Arlington EATS Community Meal (2/8)- DIANA
    • PTO presence to better get to know members of our in need population.
    • Recommend sponsoring a meal, $750 donation
      • Volunteers
      • Set-up
      • Serving
      • Eating
      • Clean-up
    • Usually serve 80-100 people
    • 2nd Thursday of each month
    • Half of the attendees are part of the Thompson community
    • Volunteers are encouraged to share in the meal (if desired, a donation may be made to defray the cost of the meal)
    • Send out a flyer/email asking for volunteers to sponsor the event and contributions
    • Decision made to go forward with this
  • Twinkie- SARA W.
    • Mrs. Foley’s 3rd grade class is requesting reimbursement for a vet bill to check out a tumor.
    • Decision made to go forward with this
    • Note: This is not a regular thing, don’t want to set a precedent.
  • School Council election (March- April for 2018-2019)
    • Regular meetings are not occuring because of scheduling issues. Morning meetings are not possible for some members.
    • Usual focus is advocating for building renovation/ improvement. There have not been any big issues to discuss so far this year.
    • Need new elections for new reps. PTO should handle the election process. (Look into how it was done in the past)
    • The council should also have a community rep.
      School council vets school improvement plans

      • School improvement plan is based on a district plan,
      • set goals in different areas and how to accomplish those goals
    • Enrichment
  • Grants- MEGHAN
    • YEAH!!! We got a grant! $595 4th Grade MFA field trip from the MA Cultural Council. Include mention of this in the newsletter.
    • Working on Bruins Foundation Grant to promote physical activity
      • Fit Girls
      • Yoga
    • It would be helpful to meet early in the year to make plans regarding grants
    • S.T.E.M. Grant 2.5K
      • Rolling quarterly applications
    • Need some ideas
  • Photos- If identifiable, need to check with the office before publishing
  • Enrichment 2018- MAF AND TONJA
    • Norah Dooley for K-2 storytelling, with focus on diversity/ tolerance. Including workshops for the 2nd grade
    • Improv Boston Anti-bullying program for grades 3-5
    • Kidstock for Kindergarteners
    • 1st grade weather program
    • Check on 3-D printing in the past
  • Communications: DANIELLE & RICH
    • Newsletter-
      • tweaking format for email version
      • Paper version monthly
      • emails go out via Mailchimp which collects data regarding how often the email is opened, read and or clicked through.
      • Last Winter the numbers were at about ⅓ opened, trended down after a while.
      • After email is sent, the newsletter is posted to the Thompson website, used to be auto fed to Twitter and Facebook. Due to parental protest regarding personal info being too public, it is now only on the website.
      • Revisit in one year, suggestions for changes/ improvements to the newsletter at that time.
        • Is Monday AM the best time to send it out?
        • Deadline for content is Thursday, editing and compiling typically happens over the weekend.
        • Possible to experiment with timing and get feedback via Mailchimp. Effort vs. reward?
        • Should use a consistent style for the newsletter, makes it easier to input content
          • This can be tabled for a smaller group discussion.
        • Link to newsletter should be tweeted/ posted on Facebook
        • PTO Google calendar is great!
    • Website
      • On WordPress platform
      • Goals
        • Keep costs down (now hosted on Amazon, free)
        • Secure: https
        • Simple and clean for easy maintenance
      • How to use it
        • Resource for incoming Kindergarten parents
        • Mirrors info in newsletter *need to update content- please take a look and give feedback on what needs to be done
      • Shopping cart tool- now using paypal (better option?)
      • Work on optimizing for mobile as well as computer. Multiple platforms make this a significant undertaking.
      • Decision that optimizing for mobile is a high priority.
  • Debrief:
    • Community Card Fall Sales- ASHLEY, GAGGI
      • Total sold is approx. 1600 out of 2000 printed (some were given away to new families)
      • 61% Town Day, 13% Family sales, 20% Book Rack, Other +/- 16% (School events, farmers market, etc.)
      • Spirit Wear- JUDY, MELISSA
        • Everything distributed, but still many to give away. (esp.Magnets)
        • For Next Time; possibly make smaller sizes available
        • Next Spirit Wear sale in 2 years, (same time frame as previous sale)
      • Holiday Help- DIANA
        • 2 families with 7 kids
        • Next year, possible request for gift cards for new families
      • Book Fair- DIANA
        • $2200 commission, $100 GF Book Rack, Ms Mak’s & Reading specialists list fulfilled. $1088 Sponsorship collected ($742 Spiritwear, $286 Book fair – covering 40 kids) $60.34 remaining.
      • Helena’s- DIANA – Very low attendance, consider doing it less frequently or at a different time of year. (Ie. just before Winter Party)
  • Winter Parent’s Party 1/27 Gaggi DeStefanis & Ashley Lorenz
    • Need volunteers for set-up/clean-up
    • Invites for teachers this week
    • Flyers next week
      • Paypal
      • cash/check
      • Sponsorship option
    • Room parent email next week
    • Email graphics via Karen
    • Reach out to alumni parents
    • Advertise via Arlington Family Connection and Arlington Parents List, Invite future Thompson parents
  • Game Night 3/2 Diana Trudell & Shauna Pellauer
    • Seeking volunteers
  • Science Explo. 3/17 Yael Beals & Chris Pacheco
    • Send email via room parents
    • Set up meeting for those interested in helping
  • Upcoming PTO meetings- Wednesday, February 14 from 7 to 9 pm, Thompson Library.

Thompson School News : January 2, 2018

In This Issue

  • Save the Date | School Calendar
  • PTO Update
  • Thompson News and Events
  • Community
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Connect with Us

Save The Date

* New *

  • January 4, Thursday, and January 5, Friday – Thompson Drama Auditions
  • January 4, Thursday, 7 – 9PM – AHS Building Project Kick-off Community Forum, Arlington Town Hall
  • January 10, Wednesday, 7 – 9 PM – PTO Meeting, Library, Parents Only
  • January 11, Thursday, 6PM – Arlington EATS Community Dinner
  • January 15, Monday – No School
  • January 26, Friday – Spirit Day, Color by Grade: K- purple, 1- green, 2- blue, 3- yellow, 4- red, 5- Rainbow-ALL the colors!
  • January 27 – Thompson Winter Parents Party

School Calendar

Click for Thompson’s Google Calendar to get school holidays, early release days, and PTO events on your own calendar. Click for a printable version of this month’s calendar.

PTO Update

Dear Families, Teachers, and Staff,


Diana and Nandana
PTO Co-presidents

Thompson News & Events


Thompson Drama Auditions This Week!!!

Theater 00

Calling all parents of actors in grades 3-5!
Auditions for the Thompson Drama Project are after school this Thursday, January 4 and Friday, January 5. There are still audition spots available, so sign up your child here.
Then sign up to volunteer to help at auditions here. Follow the links to officially register your actor and read over the TDP Ground Rules.
Questions? Contact Lise White and Karen Roth LoRusso at thompsondramaproject1@gmail. com.
Thank you! See you on the stage!


Thompson Winter Parents’ Party! – Saturday January 27th

Party 01The annual Thompson Winter Parents’ Party is coming up!

Held at Arlington’s beautiful and historic Town Hall, there will be a DJ, dancing, cash bar, social lounge for chilling out and recharging tired feet, and even some raffle items!  Advance purchase tickets available for $15 ($17 at the door). No kids. No agenda. Book a sitter and shine up your dancing shoes.  We hope to see you there!

To purchase tickets in advance:
To lend a hand with set-up and overall party preparation:

Enrichment News

On January 8th and 10th, the 4th grade will travel to Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts to study Greek literature and art. Greek allusions are taught during the 4th grade’s traditional lit unit and this field trip will enhance the students’ understandings of ancient Greek life and the ways stories were passed on over the years.
On January 12th, Kindergarteners will enjoy Kidstock’s “Jingle the Jester” at school, a live audience interactive theater program on tolerance and diversity.
  On January 22nd, the Discovery Museum will bring its Traveling Science Workshop on weather to our 1st graders.  Students will become meteorologists who investigate and forecast the weather.

PTO Meeting – Wednesday, January 10, 7 – 9 pm, Library

All Thompson parents are welcome and encouraged to attend our monthly planning meetings. This month we will be making decisions regarding the Winter Parents Party (1/27), Game Night (3/3) and the Science Explo (3/17).


Arlington High School Building Project

Arlington High School 00

As many of you know, the town is beginning the process with the state to rebuild/renovate Arlington High School (AHS). One of the AHS Building Committee’s top goals is open communication and they have created numerous ways for residents to learn about the project and get engaged during this lengthy and complex process.

Thursday, January 4 AHS Building Project Kick-off Community Forum

This winter is the beginning of the AHS building project Feasibility Phase, and there are several ways the community can take part. First an initial forum to discuss the project schedule and study process. Representatives from HMFH and Skanska will be present. Following a half-hour presentation about the Feasibility process, there will be small group brainstorming discussions, and an opportunity to share the ideas developed in discussions with the whole group. This Community Kick-off event will be held:
Date:  Thursday, January 4
Time:  7:00-9:00 pm
Place:  Arlington Town Hall

Educational Visioning Committee Members Sought

The community is also invited to apply to be part of the Educational Visioning Committee that will focus on the courses and programs offered at the high school, and the vision for the future. Deadline to apply is January 7th. Please read additional details here.

Save the Dates for Future AHS Project Community Forums

The kick-off event will be followed by three more interactive Community Forums, addressing various aspects of the Feasibility Phase:
February 7, March 5, and April 4, 7:00-9:00 pm, Arlington Town Hall

If you cannot attend any of the forums, you will be able to provide your input in other ways, including electronically. To learn more about the project and to receive updates via email sign up here, or follow project updates on Facebook, or visit

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Observance, January 15, 2018

Light refreshments at 6:45 pm, Program at 7:30 pm, Robbins Memorial Town Hall • Arlington, MA

Keynote Speaker: Rev. Dr. Debora Jackson, Director of Lifelong Learning, Yale Divinity School
Special Performance by: Paul White & the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Chorus
Admission is free. Please consider bringing a non-perishable food item to donate.
Presented by the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Observance Committee

Arlington EATS

Arlington EATSJoin us at the table on Thursday, January 11, 6PM @ Thompson

Volunteer Opportunities

The Thompson PTO has many volunteer needs both small and big. If you’re looking for a way to give back to Thompson, here’s a list of ways you can help.

Winter Parent’s Party – Jan 27th

There are many things (both large and small)  that the planning committee needs help with, from running errands for supplies in the weeks approaching, to helping set up and break down on the day of the event.  Interested in helping?
Winter Party sign-up:
Contact: Kate Murphy at

Calling All Science Enthusiasts: Science Explo March 17th

Are you a professional in a scientific field or just a lover of all things science related? We need volunteers to set up and run interactive tables at the Explo in March! Let us know if you’re interested. Contact: Yael Beals at

Amazon Coordinator

The PTO needs someone to help promote the PTO/Amazon fundraising link. Thompson School earns 4-10% back on purchases made through the Thompson/Amazon page but shoppers must use the link on the PTO website.
Interested in helping get the word out?  Contact:  Kate Murphy at

Help Throughout the Year

To check all current volunteer opportunities:

Connect with Us


Nandana Mewada, Co-President
Diana Trudell, Co-President
Yael Beals, Vice-President
Danielle Gottesman, Communications Chair

If you have news to share with the community, please email by Thursday at 12 noon to be included in the next newsletter.

Please note that we will only include news from the Thompson School and Town of Arlington. Announcements of interest to the Thompson community from other non-profit organizations may be included at our discretion.

PTO Meeting Minutes – Nov. 27, 2017


  • Winter Party Proposal Update
    Price based on choice of caterer and venue. Budget to be clarified by next meeting.
  • Science Explo Date will be 3/17
    Food, donations from families or vendors? Check with Arlington eats regarding current regulations.
  • December Meeting will be 12/15 @ 8:15am
  • Calendar
    Game Night 3/2/18


Spending Guidelines

  • Examples: laminator, Ms. Foley’s proposal
  • As the PTO grows, how are spending guidelines to be created?
  • AEF process as an example, broad approach
  • Create a proposal form,
  • Possible criteria;
  • Ties to curriculum
  • Innovative
  • Not politically motivated
  • Supporting families in need
  • Must apply to at least one grade
  • Promotes learning ( ie. wobble seats)
  • Enrichment guidelines
  • ? how do you think this meets the needs of the Thompson community?
  • Analysis, Working backwards to evaluate. Send feedback forms to Teacher (and Parent volunteers?) for field trips and enrichment activities
  • Other ideas: Create a line item in the annual budget with a set allocation.
  • If the teacher stipend were increased ($250?) would this minmize requests?
  • Create a wishlist for specific classroom items.
  • Verify that the requested item is not covered by the school/ town budget.
  • Teacher feedback, online survey.
  • Fund mini grants in the spring of 2018.
  • Voting protocol

Cyber attacks

  • PSA @ the beginning of each school year to promote awareness.
  • Are there easy protective measures that could be put in place? Check in with Hardy PTO

School Council

  • PTO runs the school council election. There is a conflict of scheduling and the members have not been able to meet, are reelections nesc? Do the members want to continue? Two members have children who will be graduating so changeover will happen next year anyway. Would a council parent like to
    attend the next PTO meeting?

Status of our In need community

  • : Discussion; Mtg with Ms. Donato, guidelines, Spirit Wear. What else can we do to make it more efficient?
  • Extra money for shirts, where is it used? Books? Surplus items to be sold, given away, added to raffle baskets? Book vouchers @ the book fair or from a list?
  • Communicate to event chairs that need in the moment will be answered with a yes.


  • Nandana & Maf: Big Picture framework: How do we decide this program over another? So we do any activity teachers suggest or do we have a say? Continue designing the protocol: feedback form (Jessica), end of the year discussion with teachers, proposal for any new programs.
  • How to make the process streamlined.
  • In the future, teacher surveys after events. What works one year may not work the next.
  • As grades gain or change teachers how can enrichment events be communicated between teachers.
  • Can we have a repository of information, times to schedule, contact numbers etc.
  • How to incorporate 3D printer into an enrichment curriculum? Science Explo?


Following up with thank yous and newsletter posts

Spirit & Appreciations

  • Spirit Wear Wrap up- How to handle the surplus?
    Extra money for shirts, where is it used? Books? Surplus items to be sold, given away, added to raffle baskets?
  • How is approval handled? Easiest way to communicate? CC Karen with a request to respond, place a notice in the teachers room.
  • Spirit days
    Pineapple day? (Wait for spirit wear to be in.)
    Community meeting “Wear a Crown”
    Staff appreciation days each year?
    Each grade could write thank you notes to specific members of staff. Cafeteria workers, nurse etc.

PTO Meeting Minutes – Nov. 8, 2017

Principal : Karen Donato

Teacher’s Rep : Siobhan Foley

PTO Board

Co-presidents: Diana Trudell & Nandana Mewada

Vice-President: Yael Beals

Co-treasurers: Sara Wilkinson & Carolyn Schneyer

Co-secretaries: Emily Gauthier & Fiona Ehring

Fundraising: Juliet Moir

Arlington Community Card: Ashley Lorenz & Gaggi DeStefanis

Enrichment: Maf Terry & Tonja Bishop

Communications: Danielle Gottesman

Spirit & Appreciation: Judy Hu & Melissa Crowley

Room Parents: Sarah Gupta

Volunteers: Kate Murphy

Thompson Community

Diana Trudell, Nandana Mewada, Sara Wilkinson, Fiona Ehring, Christy Murphy-Macinta, Ashley Lorenz, Melissa Crowley, Kate Murphy, Judy Hu, Maf Terry, Juliet Moir, Gaggi DeStefanis, Sonia Valada, Lani Obermayer, Sarah Gupta


Guest Speaker – Lori Pescatore (AYCC) Arlington Youth Counseling Center, representing the Board of Youth Services

  • Helped create Holiday Help and Thanksgiving Basket programs in schools also Last Blast, Town Day
  • They provide child and adolescent health services in Arlington both in schools and at the Whittemore-Robbins House in Arlington Center
  • Yearly Gala is a fundraiser
  • Donations always welcome through the town website


Minutes approval – All

School Updates

  • Construction update – Opening Mon Nov 20, Volunteers needed to monitor kids and also move smaller items. Kate Murphy is creating a sign-up genius. 9-11 Third grade classrooms and one first grade (Caplan)

Ms. Foley speaking about the new Anti Bias and Cultural Competency initiative to be piloted.

  • Visions Co. to do teacher training made possible through an AEF grant to support Safe and Supportive Schools. Teachers and staff will be trained in anti-bias. Ms. Foley was also trained by Ed co.
  • Classroom libraries, reading groups, Bill Shea library, to include more diverse representations of culture and color.
  • How to increase number of books.
  • Possible PTO grant.
    • Wish Lists for Lit Week?
    • Lists, Shri Thumati working with Thompson Librarian; Look at Library and analyze needs.
    • Book rack to include more type books during book fair
    • How else to contribute?
    • Teachers look at enrichment activity to go along with this initiative. Ms Foley to look for Elem. Curriculum with this idea.
    • Preview possible? Volunteers to go to Public lib. and borrow books to preview. List from teachers of books they know they want. Ms. foley to Survey teachers and consolidate list. By end of next week.

Fundraising Update

  • Wrap up of Direct Donation- Juliet Moir
  • goal of 250 met, with 276 families participating for a total of $28,046 not including corporate match or monthly recurring donations.
  • Work to include corporate matching donation information and possibility to request a receipt with TIN # to submit.
  • If a receipt is needed Sara can help with that. Email to parents.
  • Idea sharing with Hardy. Incentives?
  • Guidelines of what the amount would pay for.
  • Add QR code to initial request sheet.
  • Needs; someone to follow up with matching donations
  • Thank you notes for all? Ms. O’Mahoney willing to have students write notes.
  • Fun run fundraising event possible? To be discussed at some point. Possibly for next year.

Holiday Programs

  • Spirit Wear- Judy Hu and Melissa Crowley, as of today 115 items ordered. One third of items purchased. $468 in sponsored. Extension until the end of next week (17th) Email through room parents with PDF order form attached.
  • Community Card- Ashley Lorenz, Gaggi Destefanis- All cards are signed out. 120 of 300 remaining sold. Last hundred will go to book rack. 32 sold at curriculum night. Menotomy 19 sold 20 more given out.
  • Facebook instagram and twitter?
  • Otto Fundraising night Monday Nov 13 5-9pm 8% of pizza sales to go to Thompson. Volunteers needed to stay at Otto sign up genius. Include a plug in room parent email.
  • Helena’s Fundraising Night – Dec 13 7-9pm mention Thompson for percentage.
  • Amazon – Need someone to monitor Amazon Associates. 5-10% FAQ to send out.

Enrichment Update – Maf Terry & Tonja Bishop

  • New Event; Dec. 1 Arabico Traditional Egyptian music and dance all school event, two performances

Volunteer Needs

  • Kate Murphy, where to list? Room parent emails work well. Ideas or feedback to Kate please.


  • Include in Facebook and Twitter or not? Tabled until next month

PTO Debrief

  • Picture Day 10/12- Kate Murphy retake Nov 27th. Possible to change venders due to restrictions on outdoor photos.

Upcoming Events

  • Book Fair 12/11-15 Shri Thumati & Christy Murphy
  • Literacy Night 12/12 illustration theme.
    • Graphic novel station in classrooms leading up to LN. Coordinate with Ms. Campagna.
    • Raffle baskets more discrete prizes for more winners? Comicazi, Blank books Illustration kits, Graphic novels, Younger and older.
    • Food, Pizza and snacks.
    • Multi purpose room to be used as well as music room. How to create flow between book sale and downstairs events
    • How many kids can participate in each 20 minute Comic/Graphic Novel workshop?
  • Winter Parents Party- 1/27/18 Gaggi DeStephanis & Ashley Lorenz
    • Town Hall is chosen venue
    • Look into catering and other costs to determine ticket price.


  • Notes: Abby Matheson a writer from the Arlington Advocate joined the meeting for the first 30 minutes. Her contact info is: (781)674-7734
  • Time constraints prevented continuation. The following to be addressed next month.
  • Teachers Breakfast 11/2-
  • Movie Night 10/13 – Meghan Ostrander, Fiona Ehring
  • Science Explo Date?

PTO Meeting Minutes – Oct. 12, 2017

Principal: Karen Donato
Teacher’s Rep: Alison O’Mahony

PTO Board

Co-presidents: Diana Trudell & Nandana Mewada
Vice-President: Yael Beals
Co-treasurers: Sara Wilkinson & Carolyn Schneyer
Co-secretaries: Emily Gauthier & Fiona Ehring
Fundraising: Juliet Moir
Arlington Community Card: Ashley Lorenz & Gaggi DeStefanis
Enrichment: Maf Terry & Tonja Bishop
Communications: Danielle Gottesman
Spirit & Appreciation: Judy Hu & Melissa Crowley
Room Parents: Sarah Gupta
Volunteers: Kate Murphy

Thompson Community

Diana Trudell, Carolyn Schneyer, Sara Wilkinson, Fiona Ehring, Tim Macinta, Christy Murphy-Macinta, Tonja Bishop, Ashley Lorenz, Melissa Crowley, Kate Murphy, Judy Hu, Yael Beals, Maf Terry, Nicole Flory, Juliet Moir, Gaggi DeStefanis, Nelson Valada?sp



Minutes approved

Mrs. Donato’s update

  • Construction update
  • still no final date of completion, due to status of fire rated glass installment in multi-purpose room.
  • closed back stairwell for safety reasons, checking into using both. Ellen Digby hired to oversee use.
  • Grades are sharing lunch periods, may shift back to single grade lunch.
    5th Grade classes currently in the modulars will move to the 3rd floor in the new addition. Modulars will be used until the end of the year for extra curriculars and storage.
  • Looking into hiring more specialist providers, reading, math

Budget overview and approval 2017-2018 – Sara Wilkinson , Carolyn Schneyer

  • Budget was unanimously approved
  • PTO budget for 2017-2018 is $68,230 fundraising this school year pays for 2018-2019 events
  • 5th grade enrollment is up by 31 students, from 50 to 81. A discussion of graduation expenses is on the list for next month’s meeting.
  • Several new line items were introduced.
    • Classroom teacher gift supplement fund
    • Grade 4 MFA field trip
    • Grade 2 Puppet Showplace field trip
    • Grade 1 Puppet Showplace field trip

PTO Updates

  • Community Card – Ashley Lorenz
    • $10 card that gives you discounts on local businesses, runs September to September every year
    • 1137 cards sold so far
    • New twitter account: @arlcommcard, help out with promotion by taking and posting photos at your favorite Community Card business
    • Current sales markets:
      • Book Rack
      • Menotomy Wine & Spirits (new)
      • Farmer’s Market
      • Parent Sales
      • Movie Night
    • Morning PTO meetings will continue. A convenient way to update those who are not able to make the evening meetings.
    • Room parent roster is almost full. One more room parent needed in first grade
    • Annual Parent Survey
    • Custodial Workers Day was last week, Mr. Brahim was very happy to be appreciated.
    • Walk/ ride to school day was very popular. We need more bike racks!

Direct Donation Drive – Juliet Moir

  • Direct donation campaign is up to almost 80 families and the goal this year is 250. Facebook link to paypal.

Enrichment Update – Maf Terry, Tonja Bishop

Upcoming Events

  1. 1. Picture Day 10/12
  2. Movie Night 10/13
  3. Book Fair 12/11-12/15
  4. Literacy Night 12/12
  5. Winter Parents Party Date TBD

Immediate Needs

  1. Chair Winter Parent’s Party – January/February. Date TBD We are currently searching for a venue. Please let Gaggi DeStephanis or Ashley Lorenz know if you have any ideas or leads.
  2. Chair Literacy Night – December, book fair week of December 11 –The Book Rack will run it and added online ordering.