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Box Tops Is Going Digital!

Starting June 2019, Box Tops will begin transitioning from paper clippings to submitting a photo of your grocery receipt to the Box Tops app. This will definitely be a transition as we all learn the new system, but the good news is: Box Tops will honor all physical clips until they reach their expiration dates (some being reported with expiration dates as far out as 2023), and you can “double dip” for Thompson during the packaging transition by clipping the physical Box Tops and scanning your receipt with those participating items, too. For the latest updates on this change and to give the app a try, see the Box Tops website and FAQ.

Maxima Gifts MySchool Program

As part of the MySchool program, every time you make a purchase at Maxima Gifts in Arlington Center, 5% of the pre-tax sale price goes to your school of choice. See the MySchool webpage to sign up or read more details, and join the Maxima email list for updates on new products and annual shopping events. NOTE: Maxima will add 2% of your first purchase to your school when you sign up for the program.