Room Parents

Each classroom at Thompson School has one or two Room Parents who serve as a liaison between the teacher and the other parents in the classroom. Room Parent duties vary by teacher, but some of the expectations and responsibilities might include:

  • Helping the teacher with classroom supplies
  • Helping the teacher plan special classroom celebrations
  • Recruiting chaperones for field trips and in-house activities
  • Coordinating classroom-wide gifts for the teacher throughout the year
  • Communicating with classroom parents via email on behalf of the teacher and the PTO
Room Parents 2018-19
Kindergarten Team
Mrs. Abbott Jamie Viteri
Crystal Woller
Mrs. Giovannini Sabrina Kias
Judy Hu
Ms. Joseph Edith Wun
Allyson Ramsey
Maureen Gates
Ms. Melnik Lisa Hersey
Amy Droitcour
1st Grade Team
Mrs. Caplin Christy Murphy-Macinta
Mrs. Coveno Katie Moylan
Patricia Gallen
Mrs. Frost Lani Obermayer
Ms. Givens-Lamothe Liz Myers
Julie Mow
Eve Manz
2nd Grade Team
Ms. Bassham Lousie Parker
Ms. Dichter Alona Muzikansky
Christa Kelleher
Ms. O’Mahony Sri Thumati
Maja Fiket
Ms. Orlando Shannon Hancock
Danielle Gottesman
3rd Grade Team
Ms. Fassel Karen LoRusso
Ms. Ferola Tori Kaufmann-Paulman
Ms. Foley Shannon Dixon
Kobe Cook
Ms. McKenney Keryn Shaffner
4th Grade Team
Mrs. Jette Sri Thumati
Liz Spingler
Mrs. Brogna Danielle Gottesman
Susan Zwick
Ms. Crowley Debbie Richer
Mrs. Armstrong Andrea Holden
Kristen Burrell
5th Grade Team
Mr. Allen Sara Wilkinson
Mrs. Leigh Cristin Bagnall
Mr. Guidoboni Fiona Ehring
Nicole Flory
Ms. D’Intino Open
Music Open
Gym Melissa Crowley
Art Takako Sugihara
Library Sarah Gupta