PTO Meeting Agenda – Nov. 14, 2018

  1. Introductions – All
  2. October Minutes Approval
  3. School Updates (Mrs. Donato)
  4. Thompson Diversity and Inclusion Group (Judith Schaechter)
  5. Financial & Budget Update
    1. Overall Numbers & Teacher Reimbursements (Carolyn Schneyer & Stacey Ihnat)
    2. Direct Donation Drive (Juliet Moir & Yael Beals)
    3. Thompson Bags (Judy Hu and Melissa Crowley)
    4. Maxima (Nandana Mewada)
    5. Proposal by Zhen Ren Chuan Martial Arts Center (Nandana Mewada)
  6. Enrichment Update (Tonja Bishop & Sophie Delano)
  7. Community Outreach: Update from conversation with teachers (Melissa Crowley)
  8. Upcoming Events
    1. Book Fair: Dec 10th – 14th (Sarah Gupta & Debbie Richer)
    2. Literacy Night: Dec 11th (Sri Thumati)
  9. Events Debrief
    1. Movie Night (Fiona Ehring)
    2. Picture Day (Christy Murphy-Macinta)
    3. Election Day Bake Sale (Christy Murphy-Macinta, Melissa Crowley, Nandana Mewada)
  10. Other Updates & Announcements
    1. Funding for a classroom rug (Fiona Ehring)
    2. Holiday Drive (Nandana Mewada)
    3. Parent Winter Party (Jan/Feb)
    4. December PTO Meeting date change (Nandana Mewada)
    5. Morning PTO Meeting with AHS Building Committee Members

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