PTO Meeting Minutes – Nov. 27, 2017


  • Winter Party Proposal Update
    Price based on choice of caterer and venue. Budget to be clarified by next meeting.
  • Science Explo Date will be 3/17
    Food, donations from families or vendors? Check with Arlington eats regarding current regulations.
  • December Meeting will be 12/15 @ 8:15am
  • Calendar
    Game Night 3/2/18


Spending Guidelines

  • Examples: laminator, Ms. Foley’s proposal
  • As the PTO grows, how are spending guidelines to be created?
  • AEF process as an example, broad approach
  • Create a proposal form,
  • Possible criteria;
  • Ties to curriculum
  • Innovative
  • Not politically motivated
  • Supporting families in need
  • Must apply to at least one grade
  • Promotes learning ( ie. wobble seats)
  • Enrichment guidelines
  • ? how do you think this meets the needs of the Thompson community?
  • Analysis, Working backwards to evaluate. Send feedback forms to Teacher (and Parent volunteers?) for field trips and enrichment activities
  • Other ideas: Create a line item in the annual budget with a set allocation.
  • If the teacher stipend were increased ($250?) would this minmize requests?
  • Create a wishlist for specific classroom items.
  • Verify that the requested item is not covered by the school/ town budget.
  • Teacher feedback, online survey.
  • Fund mini grants in the spring of 2018.
  • Voting protocol

Cyber attacks

  • PSA @ the beginning of each school year to promote awareness.
  • Are there easy protective measures that could be put in place? Check in with Hardy PTO

School Council

  • PTO runs the school council election. There is a conflict of scheduling and the members have not been able to meet, are reelections nesc? Do the members want to continue? Two members have children who will be graduating so changeover will happen next year anyway. Would a council parent like to
    attend the next PTO meeting?

Status of our In need community

  • : Discussion; Mtg with Ms. Donato, guidelines, Spirit Wear. What else can we do to make it more efficient?
  • Extra money for shirts, where is it used? Books? Surplus items to be sold, given away, added to raffle baskets? Book vouchers @ the book fair or from a list?
  • Communicate to event chairs that need in the moment will be answered with a yes.


  • Nandana & Maf: Big Picture framework: How do we decide this program over another? So we do any activity teachers suggest or do we have a say? Continue designing the protocol: feedback form (Jessica), end of the year discussion with teachers, proposal for any new programs.
  • How to make the process streamlined.
  • In the future, teacher surveys after events. What works one year may not work the next.
  • As grades gain or change teachers how can enrichment events be communicated between teachers.
  • Can we have a repository of information, times to schedule, contact numbers etc.
  • How to incorporate 3D printer into an enrichment curriculum? Science Explo?


Following up with thank yous and newsletter posts

Spirit & Appreciations

  • Spirit Wear Wrap up- How to handle the surplus?
    Extra money for shirts, where is it used? Books? Surplus items to be sold, given away, added to raffle baskets?
  • How is approval handled? Easiest way to communicate? CC Karen with a request to respond, place a notice in the teachers room.
  • Spirit days
    Pineapple day? (Wait for spirit wear to be in.)
    Community meeting “Wear a Crown”
    Staff appreciation days each year?
    Each grade could write thank you notes to specific members of staff. Cafeteria workers, nurse etc.

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