Thompson School News : October 16, 2017

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Save The Date

  • Spirit Day: Career Day – Friday October 27

School Calendar

Click for Thompson’s Google Calendar to get school holidays, early release days, and PTO events on your own calendar. Click for a printable version of this month’s calendar.


For families looking for extra information, unfettered access to our weekly newsletter, volunteer opportunities, the link to shop at Amazon (your purchases benefit all Thompson students via the PTO!), contact info and soooo much more, please pop over to our site, and be sure to bookmark it. We will be making changes to the content over the coming weeks, but the link will remain the same.

Principal’s Update

Dear Parents,

As we continue to navigate through our current political climate, I wanted to be sure that you engage in thoughtful discussion with your children around the Pledge of Allegiance. We have recently had some discussions about this. It is truly a personal decision, and it is important that you know how your child is approaching this in the morning.

The Pledge of Allegiance is recited over the loudspeaker each morning. Some parents want their children to participate in the pledge; some parents do not want their children to participate; and some parents want to leave the decision up to their children. The school is legally required to remain completely neutral on this subject. Thompson staff are aware of the legal requirement that both reciting the Pledge and participating in the Pledge ceremony is entirely optional. Under the law, students are free, on any day or every day, for any reason or for no reason at all, to stand or sit, to recite the Pledge in its entirety, not recite it at all, or recite or decline to recite any part of it they choose. I would strongly encourage parents to speak with your children about this subject as this is a personal matter between you and your children.

Thank you for your support,


Highlight of the Month

Direct Donation Drive

We can’t get there without your help!

The Direct Donation Drive is off to a great start! So far, 80 families have participated, but we still have a long way to go to meet our 250 family participation goal. 100% of your donation goes toward enriching your child’s educational experience. The Thompson PTO is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, so your contribution is tax deductible! Check with your employer to see if you have a matching gift program; many of these programs match contributions dollar for dollar, and some will even double or triple the amount of your gift! Click here to DONATE NOW!

Thompson News & Events

Past Events

We’ve had some terrific events in October. Thanks to the staff, families, and students who participated and a special shout out to the volunteers who make them happen.

Custodial Worker Day

Custodial Worker

Custodial Worker

Walk and Bike to School Day

Bike-To-School 2017 10

Annual Parent Survey

SurveyThe PTO would love to know you better! Every year, we send a survey to find out how you would like us to communicate with you, what your favorite events are, how you’d like to help, and the names/grades of your kids. Please take five minutes to tell us. Thank you!

PTO Survey:

Community Card

Fall Family Sales

Community Card 2017 2018Keep up the good work! To join the sales effort, fill out this form here.

Other Volunteer Needs
  • Please “Like” our Community Card Facebook page!
  • Follow us on Twitter at @ArlCommCard
  • Post your own visits to, and/or savings experiences at, participating Community Card businesses to Facebook or Twitter, and reference #ArlCommCard.

Any questions? Contact


The Thompson PTO is always in need of helping hands for all sorts of tasks. From selling community cards to helping clean-up after movie night to helping plan one of our many events: the link below lists all of the many ways you can give of your time to help your Thompson Community.

Arlington EATS Community Dinner

Arlington EATSHunger makes learning hard and there are many ways you can be a part of Arlington EATS’ efforts to end childhood hunger in our town. To learn more visit:

There are many ways you can become involved with Arlington EATS:

To get food assistance:
To learn more:
To donate:
To volunteer:
To follow along:
To contact:

Flu Clinic

Flu ShotThe Arlington Board of Health will be hosting a flu clinic for the students and staff of Thompson Elementary on November 15th from 7:45 AM to 9:45 AM. Mrs. Donato will be sending out a link from the Board of Health to register your child for the clinic over the next few weeks. Paper forms will also go home in the next few weeks as well. In addition, November 16th will the general clinic for Arlington children 6 months – 18 years at Ottoson Middle School, 63 Acton Street (5 PM to 7 PM) where parents are welcome to attend with their child.

Join Thompson Families for
Green Team After School Nature Adventures!

  1. Shannon Beach in Winchester Friday October 13th 3pm* at beach
  2. Spy Pond Friday October 27th 3pm* at playground
  3. Menotomy Rocks Friday November 17th 3pm at Ottawa Rd entrance

The rain date for each adventure will be the following Friday.
*If the weather is warm, bring gear for water play. If your family has a kayak or canoe, feel free to bring them..

Bellevue Pond Mud 2017 10​September 29th the 5 Green Team families went to Bellevue Pond in the Fells and discovered local effects of climate change. The pond had nearly dried up. Hundreds of tadpoles were stuck in the mud. Green team went to work moving hundreds of very muddy tadpoles to the remaining water in the pond. While most of the green team was covered in mud after this excursion, 2 families went on to hike up to Wright’s Tower.

Wright Tower 2017 09We hope to continue to share our nature adventures with Thompson as we advocate for system wide changes such as industrial composting to curb climate change and protect our natural environment.

If you support composting, recycling and the Thompson PTO, there is an unique opportunity to champion composting and recycling at all PTO events. Contact Elizabeth Rocco at egrocco@gmail if you are interested in being a Green Team champion!

The Thompson Green Team cares about the earth, the environment, and all living creatures. It aims to empower and support students and the broader Thompson community to take action to protect and preserve our environment. Guided by student interest, ideas, and energy, the Green Team provides opportunities and coordinates activities that will have a meaningful and positive impact.

Community News & Events

You are invited to the 7th Annual Out on the Town Gala

November 3, 7-11pm at Arlington Town Hall

Please join the Board of Youth Services for the annual Out on the Town Gala, to support the Arlington Youth Counseling Center (AYCC). This year’s event is extra special as we recognize and honor Arlington’s own Dr. Michael Thompson, a renowned child psychologist, school consultant, international speaker and New York Times best-selling author. His books – nine in all, among them Homesick and Happy, Best Friends/Worst Enemies, The Pressured Child, and Raising Cain – have become popular references on bringing up children in the world today, with illuminating insights on the emotional lives and experiences of children and adolescents. Over the course of his career, Dr. Thompson has worked in more than 700 schools across the country and around the world, and has served as the supervising psychologist at the Belmont Hill School. As a popular headliner for Arlington Parent Forums, Dr. Thompson’s gentle guidance, wise counsel, and extraordinary wit have guided Arlington parents for more than a decade.

The Out on the Town Gala is an annual event in which community members come together to support the work of AYCC and promote the importance of having affordable, high quality, and community based mental health services for Arlington residents. Over the past year, AYCC provided over 5,500 counseling and psychiatric sessions to more than 375 youth and families, case management services to more than 80 Arlington residents, and support, education and advocacy for members of the community who have experienced domestic violence. AYCC has been able to offer these services thanks to the funds that are raised through the Gala, grants, corporate sponsors, and individual donors.

In addition to honoring Dr. Thompson, the gala features many wonderful silent auction items and raffles, beautiful live music from the Arlington High Jazz band, an array of delicious hors d’oeuvres, and a cash bar. Tickets may be purchased for $75 through AYCC’s webpage- Sponsorship opportunities are also available. For more information visit or contact Colleen Leger, Executive Director of AYCC, at 781-316-3255.

Halloween Event at Waldo Park, Tuesday, October 31st

All are invited to the 12th annual Waldo Park Halloween Party on Tuesday the 31st. We’ll gather at the Park beginning at 4 pm, and we’ll have a costume “fashion show” that’ll start around 4:30 – 4:45 pm. A light dinner (hot dogs and veggie items) will be served after the fashion show, so that all who wish can eat a meal before trick-or-treating. (Waldo Park is located at the end of Waldo Road, off Cleveland Street, between Mass Ave and Broadway).
– Alex Hoffinger, Friends of Waldo Park

PTO Fundraising


Support PTO

Shopping at Click the Amazon link from the Thompson PTO website and a share of your purchase will help the Thompson PTO.

Stop&Shop A+ Bonus Bucks Program

Thompson is participating in Stop&Shop A+ Bonus Bucks Program, in which our school receives a check based on the amount of purchases made by people with Stop&Shop cards. Enroll your Stop&Shop card. with Thompson’s school code: 07331.

Connect with Us


Nandana Mewada, Co-President (Mom to Eshaan, 3rd)
Diana Trudell, Co-President (Mom to Matilda, 4rd and Joaquin, 1st)
Yael Beals, Vice-President (Mom to Annabella, 2nd)
Carolyn Schneyer, Co-Treasurer (Mom to Leah, 4th)
Sara Wilkinson, Co-Treasurer (Mom to Ezra, 4th, and Amelia, 1st)
Emily Gauthier, Co-Secretary (Mom to Sophia, 5th)
Fiona Ehring, Co-Secretary (Mom to Emma, 4th and Elise, K)
Danielle Gottesman, Communications Chair (Mom to Oliver, 3rd, and Penny, 1st)
Melissa Crowley, Spirit and Appreciation Co-Chair (Mom to Joseph, 1st)
Judu Hu, Spirit & Appreciation Co-Chair (Mom to Sofia, 1st)
Sarah Gupta, Room-Parent Chair (Mom to Norah, 3rd, and Meena, 1st)
Juliet Moir, Fundraising Chair (Mom to Jack, 5th, and Eva, 2nd)
Maf Terry, Enrichment Co-Chair (Mom to John, 5th)
Tonja Bishop, Enrichment Co-Chair (Mom to Ellen, 2nd and Neil, K)
Ashley Lorenz, Community Card Chair (Mom to Oliver, 5th, Melanie, 3rd, and Peter, K)
Gaggi DeStefanis, Community Card Chair (Mom to Sofia, 3rd)

If you have news to share with the community, please email by Thursday at 12 noon to be included in the next newsletter.

Please note that we will only include news from the Thompson School and Town of Arlington. Announcements of interest to the Thompson community from other non-profit organizations may be included at our discretion.

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